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Michael Jacobsen has been a leader in the arts and creative industries for over two decades.

As a founder of major entertainment companies and an accomplished author, he is recognised as a visionary in the arts, creativity and entertainment.

Michael has been involved in the arts, entertainment and entrepreneurship his entire life. He studied business prior to embarking on a career which began in financial services.

Moving into entertainment, media and property he co-built a portfolio of entertainment, leisure and congress venues across the Asia-Pacific region.All of the venues rank in the top ten of their genre worldwide.

Michael was involved in the promotion of major concerts and special events in the region and later went onto acquire the international rights to Dirty Dancing, which he and his team turned into a global entertainment empire.

Michael’s international campaigning work for the creative sector encompasses numerous endeavours across the world. His goal is to support the creative sector and its elevation & engender its elevation globally such that it is on a par with the Tech Sector, and those that inhabit it have more opportunities, can support themselves by deploying their creative art and can be afforded maximum respect from the financial communities.

He also works to communicate with the financial community about the ‘invest ability’ of this sector. His book The Business of Creativity espouses and underscores this mission.

Michael’s long-standing love for and relationship with Europe and Central and Eastern Europe (Emerging Europe) in particular led to his work there for the past decade. He is known for his pioneering work in the region in the areas of arts, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and sustainability.

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To consolidate his work across the region, Michael established Non-Profit NGO The Centre for Future Europe in 2021 with the mission to support and promote these sectors in Emerging Europe and to promote cultural, social and economic exchange between Europe (and emerging Europe) internationally including with the UK, USA and Australia.

Michael believes in personal empowerment. Empowerment of the creative sector; empowerment of all Europe; and empowerment so that we live in a world where innovation is democratised and all sectors and all nations are on a level footing.

Michael’s work and passions have made him an influential leader championing and campaigning for the creative sector globally and supporting growth, prosperity and economic, social and cultural development in Europe

  • Serial entrepreneur with businesses in entertainment, media, technology and property.
  • Expert in entertainment, media, creativity, arts/culture and future economy(web 3).
  • The entertainment business Michael co-founded, Dirty Dancing, is now recognised as one of the most successful live entertainment brands ever with a lifetime gross over $US2.5bn.
  • Chairman of entertainment company responsible for the promotion of artists including: Barbra Streisand; Bruce Springsteen; Sir Elton John;
  • Chairman of Venue Management company which hosted blockbusters including Billy Elliot; Miss Saigon’s; Disney’s The Lion King; Disney’s Mary Poppins; Dirty Dancing; Pink; Tony Robbins; Bryan Adams; Michael Bublé; Jay Z; Coldplay; Avril Lavigne; Fleetwood Mac; Usher; Billy Crystal; Jamie Oliver; Cher; & Willie Nelson
  • Advisor to Governments boards and organisations on innovation, entrepreneurship, arts/culture. creativity and the Future Economy (web3).
  • Governments include: UK; Australia; Slovakia; Czech Republic; Romania;
  • Founder of The Centre for Future Europe (CFE) is a Non-Profit NGO based in Prague and USA (501c3).
  • CFE seeks to support economic and cultural empowerment in Europe and works in the areas of arts and culture; creativity; education and innovation/entrepreneurship.
  • Michael has been awarded the National Honour by the Slovak Republic recognising ‘his commitment and merits’ to developing the bilateral relations, cooperation and ties of friendship’ between the Slovak Republic and the United Kingdom.
  • Michael is the author of two published business books: The Business of Creativity & Entrepreneurs, Mavericks and Empire Builders and contributor to a third, The Great British Entrepreneurs Handbook
  • He has mentored for TechStars London; Level 39 London, The UK’s Accelerator Academy and Pitch@Palace.
  • Michael regularly speaks at events and was the co-host of Sky News Australia’s business tv programme Nothing Ventured on the Foxtel Network.
  • He advises Governments and companies on media, leadership and creativity.
  • Michael has been inducted into the Lifetime Hall of Fame by the Great British Entrepreneur Awards foundation


Recognized as a visionary, Michael Jacobsen’s contributions extend far beyond the boardroom. His influence in shaping the future of the arts and entertainment is profound, making him a true icon in the field.