MasterClasses with Michael Jacobsen

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When it comes to entrepreneurship and mentoring, Michael isone of the best in the game. I often lean on Michael for advice because I want to learn from successful leaders, who have built substantial businesses. Thanks for your help Mike!

Nick BellFounder of 12 Digital Agencies 🌎 Co-founder of & AFR Rich Lister 🔥🔥

I've known Michael for many years now, as we worked with startups and entrepreneurs in Europe and Australia together. Michael has a wealth of experience in how to scale a company fast and smart, especially on financial management, brand awareness and identity, growing customer pipeline and identifying and managing talent. He is exactly the type of experience a founder CEO wants by their side as their business starts to really grow.

Frank MeehanPartner SparkLabs Group (VC), Founding Board Member Spotifiy, Siri, Deepmind

What I simply love about Michael Jacobsen is the fact that thanks to his extremely rich experience and knowledge, his advices simply transform into tangible results for your company. During these weird times when everyone is an "expert", Michael Jacobsen proves that the business coaching is a real deal only when backed by strategic thinking, true business experience (not hype) and ability to make good choices. I strongly believe that without Michael's coaching, Vintom global expansion would be much, much slower.

Marcin KozlowskiVice President Vintom

The word extraordinary is banded about liberally. Few deserve it. Michael 100% deserves it. He’s a full bore entrepreneur and a super nice guy at the same time. He’s a wonderful mentor and sounding board

Tom DayInnovation Director - Deloitte/Alibaba EMEA Alliance Lead

A lot of people call themselves mentors, but it's rare to find someone that can meaningfully contribute to an entrepreneur in the diversity of ways, and with the effectiveness, that Michael has. Working with him on our new initiatives to inspire and support entrepreneurs at scale at UTS has been a genuine pleasure, and I know we wouldn't be where we are today without his help.

Murray HurpsDirector of Entrepreneurship-University of Technology Sydney

I had the pleasure to meet Michael at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards in 2018. Since then, Michael has been a fantastic coach and mentor to me. Drawing from his entrepreneurial journey, Michael's practical guidance has allowed me to rapidly scale and grow my business, Superfoodio.

Jagir MankodiFounder Superfoodio