Non Executive Director

Michael Jacobsen is a high profile Australian-born Serial Entrepreneur and global SME. He holds a Bachelor of Business Degree from UTS in Sydney and a financial Diploma from the Australian Securities Institute. As a Serial Entrepreneur, he is a coach and mentor, non-executive director, and author of several acclaimed publications and public speaker

Creative, aka Serial Entrepreneur Michael Jacobsen took on an appointment of being one of the executive directors of the live act and enhanced version of Dirty Dancing across Europe. His role in recreating the experience of the show turned it into a billion-dollar live entertainment brand.

Michael Jacobsen is an independent professional in terms mentoring to small and large businesses as well as governments. He understands what directors search for in terms of information via meetings and events both private and across the boardroom.

He is a well-known public speaker, author and expert in his field, interviewing some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and directors.

He is a class act, and a master of his trade, specifically within the creative/digital economy and enterprise sectors. He has seen his fair share of new and amazing projects of which he has been on the committee such as Tech Australia Advocates.

Touring the UK, Eastern Europe and Australia for public speaking, live interviews and business coaching. He also holds a financial diploma from the Australian Securities Institute. He is Chairman of European Leisure Management Group, a leading Entertainment Venue Management company. He has mentored executive directors , also being on the board for Tech Australia Advocates. One of his responsibilities related to his interest in in providing corporate services is being a member of the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy. Mentoring on issues independent directors face such as good governance, risk management & legal factors, corporate governance and other duties. Michael has assisted in developing many careers and in a short space of time.

He was instrumental in the ‘UK StartUp Britain Campaign’. Michael is also mentoring at Techstars London and is an Ambassador for the UK’s Building Creative Nation Campaign. He also lectures at universities and business schools including London Metropolitan University and LSE, York St John Business School and University of Technology Sydney. He is the Founder of Global Entrepreneurs Agency. which is a Social Business and specialises in operating Start-Up and innovation programs in conjunction with Government, Government Agencies and/or Corporates in the UK and Central and Eastern Europe. Recently Michael served as an Adviser to the Boards of several companies and entities including Eclipse Entertainment Ltd (media production), Transatlantic Ltd (brand & media), the Australian Centre for Event Management (University of Technology Sydney). He served in the past on the Advisory Board advising the Slovak Minister for Economy innovation and entrepreneurialism. Michael is currently advising the Vice President of the European Investment Bank. 

What Is A Non-Executive Director And Why Are They Important? Non-executive Directors such as Michael bring a insurance and code of conduct which create a fresh perspective to the companies they support.

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